Dojo Photo Exhibit/Garden
.. Back Garden at Night Daffodils Dogwood Leaf and Sedum
Dogwood fall2002 075 False Solomon's Seal Front of Dojo in Fall
Front of Dojo in Spring Garden Pictures - April 11, 2002 048 Grape Hyacinth IMG_0572
IMG_0575 June Hosta's Fall Retreat Magnolia Blossom Moss on Stump
One of the Butternut St. Elms Phlox Rock Garden in Fall Rock Garden in Snow
Sakura Blossom Snowdrops Solomon's Seal Flowers Solomon's Seal Unfurling
Spider Plant and Orchid Weeping Cherry, Fall Weeping Cherry, in Winter Weeping Cherry
Willow, In December Wisteria's Velvet Seeds    

Aikido Shobukan Dojo Kanji
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