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The Art and Science of Stick Fighting A Complete Instructional Guide
by Varady, Joe
Published: 2019
Publisher: YMAA Publication Center; Wolfeboro, NH USA
ISBN: 978-1-59439-733
Abstract | Contents
The best of both Eastern and Western stick fighting techniques. This book stands apart from other stick fighting training manuals. While most titles foccus on forms and twirling, this book emphasizes the dynamics of combat. The Art and Science of Stick Fighting is a unique, non-style-specific approach to fighting with the short stick. Its curriculum is streamlined and divided into nine logical stages of training that allows the reader to quickly and methodically learn and develop the skills needed for fighting with the stick. The book begins with the basics, upon which everything else relies: a stable stance, basic foot work, and an effective quard. from there you learn striking and patterns with the aim of wielding a stick that has become an extension of your body. You will learn the strategies and tactics of fighting with the stick at long, middle, and close range along with guidelines for sparring-light and full contact. Advanced chapters cover stick fighting against various weapons. The book features: Nine levels of instruction, progressing from easy to expert. Over 600 photos with motion arrows. A comprehensive, methodical approach to building stick fighting skills. Construction plans for building your own trainging tools. Joe Varady is the award-winning author of The Art and Science of Staff Fighting, a sixth-degree black belt with over thirty years of experience in martial arts. He has trained in numerous Eastern and Western disciplines, including karate, judo, eskrima, boxing, fencing, and long sword. He has won numerous awards competing in full-contact weapons tournaments around the world. Joe holds a master's degree in elementary education. He is head instructor at Satori Dojo and Modern Gladiatorial Arts. Joe Varady resides in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. "The beautiful but complex art of stick figting distilled down to its fundamental core. A must-have book for martial artists."-Juan (Little John) Cruz, 3rd degree black belt, Doce Pares Multistyle System''; "I highly recommend this book to anyone serious about learning more on the art of stick fighting."-Brian Scott, 8-time WEKAF World Full Contact Stick Fighting Champion; "The perfect balance between self-defense and sport methodologies. A sound foundation relevant to any martial style."-Michael J. Gallagher, USA Taekwondo National Weapons Champion; "This book should be in every martial artist's library."-Dave Dickey, author, founder of Live Steel Fight Academy
Contents: Forweord; Preface; A. Inroduction; Overview; Why learn stick fighting?; A brief history of stick fighting; Tradional versus progressive; Getting started; B. Warming up and cooling down; Warming up and stretching; Training equipment; The jump rope; Cooling down; C. Level 1-The foundation; Choosing a stick; Holding the stick; Stances; Basic striking; Ready positons; Types of strikes; Range and distancing; Footwork; Training equipment-The floor pattern; Twirling-Figure eights; Power; Training equipment-The tire dummy; Level 1 workout; D. Level 2-Long range; The outside game; Controlling the distance; Training equipment:-The evasion bopper; Long-range defensive tactics; Long-range offensive tactics; Training equipment-The targt stick; Feinting; Twirling-the six-count flower; Training Equipment-Striking point; The long-range battle plan; Level 2 Workout; E. Level 3 Crossing the gap; Entering offensively; Entering defensively; Level 3 Workout; F. Level 4 Middle-range offense; Understanding middle range; Center, centerlne, and the line of combat; Targeting at middle range; Basic middle-range combinations; Speed-striking; Training equipment-Weighted clubs; The middle-range battle plan; Level 4 workout; G. Level 5 Middle-range defense; Checking; Blocking and parrying; Middle-range disarms; Level 5 workout; H. Level 6 Close-range; Infighting; Punching; Butt striles; Hubud; Hooking; Double-end grip; Chokes; Training equipment-Compression dummies; Level 6 workout; I. Level 7 Single-stick sparring; The moment of truth-En Garde!; Safety equipment; Training equipment-Padding sticks; Armor; Types of matches; Controlling the fight; Intensity; The seven principal rules; Level 7 workout; J. Level 8 Short stick versus other weapons; Mismatched weapons; Stick versus knife; Training equipment-Padded knife; Stick versus staff; Training equipment-Padded staff; Stick versus unarmed opponent; Level 8 workout; K. Level 9 Empty-hand defense against the stick; Unarmed defenses; Crossing he gap; Evasion; Improvised armament; Level 9 workout; L. Appendix Training equipment; Jump rope; Floor patterns; Tire bag; Indoor tire dummy; Evasion bopper; Target stick; Striking point; Weighted clubs; Arm compression dummy; Neck compression dummy; Padded sticks; Padded knife; Padded staff; About the author

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