Board of Directors
Dojo-Cho Saotome Sensei
President Eugene Lee
  Thurston Carleton
  Jose Antonio Rivas-Campo
  Nick Kiritz
  Idris Diaz
  Sharon Hainsfurther
Immediate Past Chair John Taylor

Board Bios

Eugene Lee:

Eugene Lee began his aikido study in 1988 and holds a fifth degree black belt. Eugene works for the EPA's Office of Emergency Management and is also an avid mountaineer, trekker and cyclist. Eugene is currently serving on the ASD Board as President.

Thurston Carleton:

Thurston Carleton has studied aikido since 1977 and holds a sixth degree black belt and is one of the most senior members of the dojo. He trains and teaches at the ASD, including the recently initiated seniors' class. He worked as a mathematician for NASA for many years and is currently pursuing studies at George Washington University. He currently serves as Corporate Secretary for ASD.

Jose Antonio Rivas-Campo:

Jose Antonio Rivas-Campo began his aikido study in 2000 at ASD, where he received his Shodan rank in 2005. For three years, between 2006 and 2009, he lived and trained aikido in Colombia at Kumano Aikido before coming back to ASD, his home dojo. Jose Antonio is an attorney, he works in private practice in public international law and investment arbitration and is an adjunct professor of law at Georgetown University.

Nick Kiritz:

Nick Kiritz began his aikido study in 1982 at Oberlin Colledge and holds a fifth degree black belt. In addition to teaching and training regularly at ASD, he serves as the head instructor for the Georgetown University Aikikai. Nick works as an economist in Baltimore and also studies yoga and zen. Nick is currently serving on the ASD Board as Treasurer and CFO.

Idris Diaz:

Idris Diaz began his aikido study in 1993 and holds a second-degree black belt. Prior to starting aikido, Idris studied karate and jujitsu. A lawyer by training, Idris works as Deputy General Counsel for the U.S. Agency for International Development. In addition to studying aikido, Idris is an avid yoga practitioner.

Sharon Hainsfurther:

Sharon Hainsfurther holds Nidan rank in Aikido. She is a coach, facilitator and thinking partner for leaders in diverse organizations including multi laterals and their counterparts in developing country governments, as well as in private sector companies. She is a certified Somatic Coach through Strozzi Institute.

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